EXACTA Core-mft

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The all new EXACTA Core MFT features the extra reinforcement of Micro Fiber Technology providing exceptional high strength and wear resistance for core build-ups.

Available in automix cartridges and syringes, EXACTA Core MFT is fast, easy and provides consistent core build-ups time after time with no messy clean-up. You have the option for either self-cure or light cure in as little as 20 seconds. EXACTA Dental Direct is your source for high quality products at LESS than competitor prices. Compare the price that you are currently paying for your core build-up product and then try EXACTA Core MFT. The only thing you will be sacrificing is the high price.




EXACTA Guarantee: Customer-Focused Plan for Dental Products

When you’re buying dental products, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong with an order or that you’ll end up not completely satisfied with the product. And with many products and manufacturers, you’re often stuck with buyer’s remorse, as you might not be able to easily obtain a refund. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when products are expensive and defective. It would be nice if manufacturers offered a simple, no-strings-attached guarantee for everyday “bread-and-butter” products like restorative and impression materials, especially when you’re trying something new. As it turns out, EXACTA Dental Direct ...

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EXACTA Core-mft
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