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Expasyl gingival retraction paste is an alternative to a dental retraction cord, used for all procedures requiring gingival retraction including: impressions, seating of restorations, fitting rubber dams, and restoring class II, III, and V cavities. Get excellent hemostasis and atraumatic gingival retraction, now with a pleasant new taste. Plus a new high-value intro kit includes the lightweight ergonomic gun, new curved tips, and 60% more material than the original.
Unlike a dental retraction cord, you need little or no pressure to apply Expasyl, which greatly minimizes the risk of rupturing the epithelial attachment and enhances patient comfort. Expasyl is extruded directly into the sulcus where it holds its rigidity to create space between the tooth and the tissue, much like retraction cord. Bleeding and crevicular seepage are controlled through the presence of aluminum chloride, which also shrinks epithelial tissue—further expanding the sulcus.


Classic gingival retraction techniques can cause pain and damage the epithelial attachment, and the post-healing gingival margin level can be difficult to predict. Adding to the challenge is the fact that some hemostatic agents are unstable and inhibit bonding. To address these issues, ACTEON offers Expasyl, a viscous paste that serves as an alternative to retraction cord and predictably provides atraumatic gingival deflection and reliable hemostasis. Read what evaluators thought about Expasyl, after testing the Expasyl starter kit containi...

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Tried and True

Tried and True

Expasyl™ Effective and Atraumatic Gingival Retraction Paste

Expasyl benefits from an excellent risk-benefit balance: its viscosity has been specifically calculated to effectively open the sulcus without damaging the epithelial attachment. The quality of opening is the same as this obtained with a cord. Without lesion, resumption of bleeding or pain. Your movement is both safe and efficient. No need to wait for tissue healing since they are perfectly preserved....

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Nice material
I love the outcome from using this product, but I hate how hard it is to dispense and keep in the sulcus. I felt that most of the time, it would curl up and not stay in place. I would then have to take my finger or a condenser to push it in place again. Taste was worse than Dryz and traxodent. I decided to make the switch but loved using it before the reps had me try other products. I would still recommend to others rather than packing cord
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