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The Explorer is so easy to operate, the learning curve is minimal.

The Explorer, from CamSight, changes the way dentistry is performed by allowing dentists to feel more comfortable while they work. The Explorer is a magnifying video scope that allows dentists to sit in ergonomic comfort while looking at the monitor so they no longer have to perform daily dental procedures in a constant head down or bent over position.

The built-in motorized lens system of the Explorer provides dentists with the convenience of hands-free operation with control features such as a foot pedal to zoom, focus, adjust brightness and capture still images. Dentists can take snapshots with just a click of the foot pedal, making visual documentation easily accessible to view with patients during case presentations for better communication. The Explorer also provides dentists with crisp, clear images magnified up to 22x, allowing dentists to see more for quality patient care. The Explorer's CDMe software can be fully integrated with CamSight's digital x-ray imaging software to view microscopic and x-ray images on the same screen.

Featuring a bright LED light that can replace the operating light used in dental offices, the Explorer is available in different configurations including floorstand, chair mount, track mount, and ceiling mount. 'Jason Schwartz

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The Explorer
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