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Exquisite Restoration is a light-activated, nanofill composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Exquisite Restoration has been formulated with low-shrink monomers to minimize contraction stresses and prevent marginal leakage. Exquisite Restoration utilizes nanofillers to provide superior polish and very low degree of wear. Exquisite Restoration is extremely strong with DTS and compressive strengths that are on par with “posterior only” composites.

• Low stress restorations
• Long-term durability and high hardness
• Non-sticky, easy to handle
• Highly sculptable
• Beautiful, esthetic restorations

• Low shrink
• Improved wear resistance
• Highly sculptable consistency
• Excellent gloss and polishability
• High filler loading
• Extremely strong




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Exquisite Restoration Sell Sheet

Exquisite Restoration™ is a visible light-activated, nanofilled composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Beside its low shrink and low abrasion,   Exquisite Restoration™ has exceptional handling and provides excellent mechanical properties. Exquisite Restoration™ is highly radiopaque and is very wear resistant.     ...

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Press Release

Press Release

Apex Dental Materials is proud to present Exquisite Restoration™:

Apex Dental Materials                        330 Telser Road, Lake Zurich, IL  60047 · Tel: (877) 273-9123 · Fax: (877) 273-9124   For Immediate Release:                                                                                April 8th, 2015   Apex Dental Materials is proud to present Exquisite Restoration™:               Exquisite Restoration™  is a low shrink, highly polishable, low abrasion, nanofilled composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Exquisite Restoration™ has exceptional handling and provides excellent mechanical properties. Offered in 8 shades: A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, D2, D3 and Incisal in both syringe and...

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This is my primary restorative, I love it!
I used to get fractures with my previous restorative, now 2 years and my restorations are holding strong. Now with this material and pulse curing I solved my white lines. It's also beautiful and blends in very nicely with super polishing. I've also noticed that the wear rate is very low on posteriors. I am so happy with all of Apex Dental Materials products and their full on support for me and my questions regarding their products and different bonding scenarios.
from Greenfield, Massachusetts ,  
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Great stuff!!
This is a great restorative material. It is hard to polish (but that hardness surely helps with durability) once you get a nice polish it holds it very well and can be used in the anterior. I love using it with SeamFree, together they make for awesome restorative dentistry.
from Spanish Fork Utah,  
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Exquisite Composite by Apex Dental Materials
This is a great product. Because of it's low shrinkage combined with it's low stress we've been able to cure it with our Valo light on XTRA POWER, or "plasma mode" at 3200mW/cm2, curing each 4mm increment for only 3 seconds. That's a huge time saver with a great composite that will hold up for many years.
from Bellevue, Washington,  
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Great composite
I've been using Exquisite as my anterior restorative since it came out. I think it would probably be a good posterior composite too, but I bulk fill those with a variety of material including Injectafil. It seems strong. I haven't had any fractures, even in large class IV's. I get less white lines and a better polish than with the materials I used previously. The quality of the polish is really fantastic. Plus it is pretty reasonably priced.
from Edmond, OK,  
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Exquisite Restoration
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