EyeSpecial C-III

Dental Product Shopper Best Product 2017
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Product Description
• Smart – Fast autofocusing capabilities – Anti-shake mode built in – User friendly
• 8 shooting modes – Easier, faster and more reproducible images
• Water and chemical resistant – Essential for infection control in the office
• Large LCD touchscreen – Built in grid lines for easy line-up and cropping
• Exceptional depth of field range
• High performance 49mm close-up lens
• HIPAA compliant – protects patient privacy and security*
*Brinker, S. (2015, January). HIPAA compliance and digital photography with personal mobile devices. Dental Products Report, 76-80.


Designed for dentistry, this ultra-lightweight dental digital camera is so easy to use that anyone can take high-quality images. "Cameraphobia” may not be an actual word, but the feelings it evokes are all too real, especially when detailed images are needed for dental treatment. Taking a photo means hauling out that heavy camera, finding an assistant to help, navigating complicated camera functions, and hoping the images will be up to par. Shofu’s EyeSpecial C-II, an ultra-lightweight, intuitively designed digital camera made exclusi...

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Case Presentation: Fabrication of a 3-Unit Zirconia Bridge Using Digital Technologies

CASE PRESENTATION Fabrication of a 3-Unit Zirconia Bridge Using Digital Technologies Figure 1 —Preop photograph The patient was a 64-year-old woman who presented for a routine new patient examination with the primary complaint being, “I have a lot of problems.” One of those problems was a failing 3-unit porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge from the maxillary right canine to central incisor (Figure 1). The patient was scheduled to have knee-replacement surgery in a month and requested that she undergo dental treatment as quickly as possible so it would be completed...

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EyeSpecial C-III
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