EZ-Fill Epoxy Root Canal Cement

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EZ-Fill Epoxy Root Canal Cement by Essential Dental Systems combines with a single gutta percha point technique to create a seal equivalent to lateral condensation and thermoplastic gutta percha. The bi-directional spiral coats the walls of the root canal and lateral canals without significant cement being forced apically. It also allows a coronal path of exit for excess cement to keep it from going over the apex. Unlike thermoplastic techniques, there is no shrinkage upon cooling and the flow of cement at room temperature into lateral canals is superior to thermoplastic gutta pecha. It features non-eugenol, epoxy resin chemistry that bonds chemically and physically to the dentin and gutta percha. A long-lasting seal is ensured thanks to the hydrophobic nature that is highly resistant to water degradation. EZ-Fill Epoxy Root Canal Cement is radiopaque, so it is visible on an x-ray and is compatible with all bonding agents and composites.

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EZ-Fill Epoxy Root Canal Cement
Essential Dental Systems, Inc.
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