EZ-Pedo Pediatric Zirconia Crowns

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EZ Seat – modified gingival contours greatly reduces the risk of pulp exposure on preparation, and allows seating where there is a lack of primate spacing; “Prime Size” first molars – unique morphology allows single tooth and back to back restoration where there is space loss; Zir-lock Ultra – loss of retention is the number one reason for failure for smooth walled zirconia crowns. Retentive features on the inside and at the margin of the crown not only triples the retention compared to other crowns, but reduces cement loss from the inside of the crown during clean up, reducing micro leakage.


Eleven dentists, all of whom were current EZ-Pedo users, evaluated the crowns, rating features such as patient satisfaction and esthetics, ease of use and strength/durability. When asked for an overall opinion of EZ-Pedo crowns, a dentist who rated the product as excellent said, "I have had the opportunity to use other zirconia crowns for children and there is no doubt that these are the easiest to place and have the greatest esthetics of any of the other crowns that I have used."

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EZ Pedo Crowns
Love this product. Short learning curve. Excellent results. Very nice on the tissue. Parents love the end result!
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EZ Pedo Crowns
I placed my first EZ Pedo crown when I was working with Kids Care Dental. It was relatively easy. It obviously took me a little longer than a SSC crown because it was my first case but I had good patient selection before I started. I did a single crown on a child that was not sedated. The esthetics are beautiful and most importantly mom and the patient were very happy. I would recommended EZ Pedo crown to all pediatric dentists. I have now placed more crowns. They are easy to place and always look beautiful.
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EZ-Pedo Pediatric Zirconia Crowns
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