EZ VPS Connector

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Product Description
The EZ VPS Connector connects two 50ml 1:1 impression material cartridges together so that they can be consolidated into one cartridge to use all leftover material. Consisting of two pieces, a disposable transfer connector and a reusable ribbon holder, the connector securely attaches to each cartridge for fast, easy, transfer of material. Reduces wasted material and saves cost and storage space.


DENTAZON EZ VPS Connector A simple, cost-effective way to transfer leftover impression material to another cartridge It’s a great idea that reduces waste, saves time, saves space, and saves mental energy. Tiffany Lee, DDS Torrance, CA It allowed me to take impressions faster because I didn’t have to switch and put another carpule on the gun. Pedram Mastour, DDS Beverly Hills, CA Impression material is expensive so any amount you can save is great. Philip Harper, ...

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EZ VPS Connector
Dentazon Corp.
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