Fashion Seal Healthcare Unisex Warm Up Jacket

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Fashion Seal Healthcare Unisex Warm Up Jacket from Superior Uniform Group Inc. has a snap front closure and coordinating knit cuffs. It features two lower pockets near the bottom of the jacket and a scissor holder in the right pocket. The Warm-Up Jacket has raglan sleeves, which extend in one piece to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from the underarm to the collarbone. It is designed with a cotton and poly fashion blend. The new fabric is designed to increase the life of your garments. It provides color retention, so that your jacket will retain the same color after repeated industrial laundering. The polyester that it is made from is a stronger fiber than cotton, which makes it more durable. The fabric of the Warm-Up Jacket also proves to be more energy efficient because it dries in half the time of a traditional poly/cotton scrub. They are available in multiple colors and sizes.

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Fashion Seal Healthcare Unisex Warm Up Jacket
Superior Uniform Group
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