Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative

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Product Description

Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative is intended to enhance comfort and control. The newly designed ergonomic syringe includes a user-friendly triangle finger plate that makes it easy to hold and inject. An easy-to-bend cannula improves access to the oral cavity, and the overall syringe design virtually eliminates bubbles and material run-on during dispensing.


Thrilled with Filtek Supreme Flowable’s newly designed syringe tips, Dr. Renieris called them “perfect for expelling just the right amount and flow of the product,” and Dr. Agnes Knobloch described the delivery system as “very convenient, a great improvement from the older version.” Citing “the better syringe tip system” as his favorite feature, Dr. Gregg Fink said that Filtek Supreme Flowable provided “excellent quality restorations and a great dispensing design.” Andrew Chen, DMD, reported, “The specially designed syringe and tip make pla...

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Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative
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