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The new Orthodontic Monophase material is ideal for single-viscosity, fullarch impressions.




A Blurry Start Saved by Zest’s ZNano

This past year, Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki received an email from a patient that contained a blurry...

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A Bulk-Fill Composite with Game-Changing Curing Technology

Zest’s Bulk EZ, in particular, features patent-pending, self-cure IntelliTek Technology controls and directs shrinkage to the base...

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3 Clinical Problems with Temporary Materials, Solved by TurboTemp EZ

We recently surveyed our DPS evaluators on Zest Dental Solutions’ TurboTemp EZ, a multifunctional, highly...

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Just what the Dr. Ordered
I was looking for a reasonably priced impression material that was strong, flowed into the sulcus and had a corresponding tray viscosity that would stay in the impression tray. First half met my expectations and then some. I can clearly see the light body margins against the heavy bodied tray material. It sets in about two and a half minutes so I'm not waiting around for the material to set. I'm thrilled with the accuracy and fit of the crowns that come back from my laboratory.
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First Half
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