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The Flexi-Post delivers functional stresses evenly around the embedded threads. Vertical blades remove all dentinal debris, enhancing ease of placement. Flexi-Post introductory kits come complete with all necessary reamers, drills, wrenches, and a special depth gauge to ensure the correct-size post is used in any given clinical situation.


Tried and True

Tried and True

Flexi-Post Family

Flexi-Post Family Backed by research and development, the Flexi-Post Family gives dentists the choice between metal and fiber posts to meet their preferences. For more than 30 years, Essential Dental Systems (EDS) has been providing dentists with endodontic posts to meet virtually every need. Beginning with the Flexi-Post , EDS continues to expand and develop posts that incorporate the newest materials, backed by research. Flexi-Post Before the introduction of the split-shank designed Flexi-Post , there were 2 post categories: passive...

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