Snuggies & Snuggies 2.0 Sensor Sleeves

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Product Description
Snuggies custom-fit sensor sleeves protect equipment and patients with a snug fit. The sleeve has a simple peel-and-stick tab that adjusts to sensors of any size, shape, or thickness. Its design eliminates excess plastic and keeps the sensor from sliding around. Snuggies 2.0 are a larger size for larger sensors.


Flow Dental’s Snuggies 2.0 are designed to provide the optimal fit for any sensor, regardless of size, shape, and thickness It’s a safe bet that dental professionals don’t lose much sleep worrying about their sensor sleeves. Even during waking hours, they’re unlikely to give them much thought. But all of that changes when struggling with a sensor sleeve’s fit while a patient sits uncomfortably, or worse, when the sleeve tears. At that point, the sensor sleeve becomes a source of frustration. Flow Dental’s newer, larger Snuggies 2.0 s...

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Snuggies & Snuggies 2.0 Sensor Sleeves
Flow Dental
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