Four New Flavors of Lip Balm

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Go Everywhere with Your Patients

Four New Flavors of Lip Balm from Lips Inc.

Lips Inc. lip balm is a constant reminder of your services to your existing and potential patients.

Lip balm is becoming a favorite over other kinds of giveaways such as toothbrushes, dental floss, key chains, and the like. A customized lip balm in a pocket or purse is a long lasting daily reminder of any dental service.

Lips Inc. lip balm provides a nongreasy and nonsticky application that lasts a long time and rivals all premium and specialty lip balms found on the market. The high-quality, all-natural formula leaves lips soft and moist. It is now available in 4 new flavors: Lemonade, Grape, Fruit Punch, and Apple Raspberry.

When a patient's mouth is open for an extensive period of time, the lips tend to get dry. Lips Inc. lip balm can be used to pretreat patients' lips before a cleaning or procedure. Orthodontists use lip balm as a band block. After the initial use, the hygienist can give the patient the tube to keep. Some offices even put lip balms in a basket on the reception counter. 'Jason Schwartz

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Four New Flavors of Lip Balm
Lips Inc
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