G-Cuff Temporary Gingival Support for Dental Implant Impression

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Product Description
G-Cuff from Stomatotech aids in implant placement. This easy-to-use, multipurpose implant accessory allows for noninvasive tissue retraction, supports tissue to prevent collapse, and creates a barrier to stop cement and adhesive from invading the tissue. The G-Cuff also makes it easier for the clinician to move and handle an abutment. G-Cuff has a unique size succession that makes it universal and compatible with almost any implant brand and system. Each kit contains 48 disposable G-Cuffs, 6 of each size from 1 to 8.


G-Cuff is a complete tissue management solution for dental implants that retracts and supports tissue, safely carries an abutment, and blocks the flow of cement. “This is a simple product that really does a nice job of controlling both tissue and cement flow,” reported a dentist from Ohio who evaluated the G-Cuff for Dental Product Shopper. A Michigan evaluator said, “I liked how easy it was to use and the ability to carry the abutment to the mouth and not worry about dropping it.” For this evaluation, 11 dentists used G-Cuff for about 4 ...

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G-Cuff Temporary Gingival Support for Dental Implant Impression
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