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Geistlich Pharma North America announces the addition of Geistlich Fibro-Gide to its portfolio of collagen matrices. Made from Type I and Type III collagen, Geistlich Fibro-Gide is smart-linked, a unique form of cross-linking that provides elasticity, strength, and volume stability. Positioned as the alternative connective tissue graft, Geistlich Fibro-Gide is ideally suited for soft-tissue augmentation around natural teeth and implants. In contrast to connective tissue grafts, which are considered to be the “gold standard” in soft-tissue augmentation and recession coverage procedures, Geistlich Fibro-Gide does not require a second surgical site, is ready to use, and has an unlimited supply.




Jubilee Webinar World Tour

Throughout 2016, Geistlich Biomaterials is celebrating their Jubilee Anniversary—20 years of Geistlich Bio-Gide, 30 years of Geistlich Bio-Oss, and more than 1,000 published studies. To further celebrate the Jubilee, Geistlich is hosting a Jubilee Webinar World Tour featuring: 5 free interactive and educational webinars with leading clinicians from around the world; 3 on-demand of-ferings—Anthony Sclar (USA) – Ridge Preservation, István Urbán (Hungary) – Sausage Technique, and Prof. Ki-Tae Koo (South Korea) – Ridge Preservation; and 2 fall webinars: Dr. Paulo Fernando (Brazil) – Soft-Tissue Management, Sept. 15 at 6 pm EDT, and Prof. Ronald Jung & Prof. Christoph Hämmerlee (Switzerland)...

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Geistlich Fibro-Gide
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