Gemini Handpiece Series Expansion

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The first products to be introduced in the line were the Gemini “Kavo Bella Torque-style” and Gemini “Kavo Super Torque-style” handpieces but now Johnson-Promident introduces the Gemini “Midwest Tradition-style” and “Gemini NSK Kinetic Viper-style” handpieces. All of the Gemini handpieces are available with the same fiber optics, ergonomic design and performance specifications as the original brand that they replace.




First Take-Johnson-Promident Prometheus Couplers

Johnson-Promident introduces the Prometheus Coupler, a line of quick disconnect couplers with self-contained LED fiber optics that fit all fiber optic handpiece brands. Prometheus Couplers create bright white LED light, with no additional power source or fiber optic system needed and they use patent-pending drive air technology to energize the LED. Simply connect the Prometheus Coupler to any fiber optic Kavo, Star, NSK, or Midwest handpiece for bright fiber optics with no new equipment or service call needed. The Prometheus Coupler can be connected to any dental tubing to provide brilliant light to any preferred fiber optic handpiece. ...

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Gemini Handpiece Series Expansion
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