GrandioSO Heavy Flow

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Product Description
GrandioSO Heavy Flow is a universal light-cured, 83% filled Nano-Hybrid flowable composite characterized by its high viscosity and stability. GrandioSO Heavy Flow as a restorative is indicated for Class I-V restorations providing unique solutions to Class II and V restorations due to its ability to stay where its placed and not run. With low shrinkage and packable-like wearability, GrandioSO Heavy Flow is ideal for proximal and cervical areas as well as for use with GrandTEC glass fiber systems. GrandioSO Heavy Flow has high quality esthetics and blendability and can also be used as a veneer cement. Available in VOCO's patented NDT (Non-Dripping Technology) syringe in multiple shades.


GrandioSO Heavy Flow Flowable Universal Nano-Hybrid Restorative VOCO VOCO's GrandioSO Heavy Flow is characterized by its increased filler content and stability. VOCO's GrandioSO Heavy Flow is a flowable universal nano-hybrid restorative indicated for all classes of restorations. VOCO describes GrandioSO Heavy Flow as having high filler content with low shrinkage that wears like a hybrid. According to the manufacturer, GrandioSO Heavy Flow is ideal for proximal and cervical areas as well as for use with the GrandTEC glass fiber ...

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Case Study

Case Study

Nano-ORMOCER Direct Restoration with Admira Fusion

A healthy 38-year-old male presented with a large resin restoration in tooth No. 14 with poor margins and recurrent decay (Figure 3). His periodontal condition was relatively healthy except for the inflammation of the papilla around the defective restoration. The tooth was asymptomatic and the radiographs were within normal limits. The patient was given the option of either placing an all-ceramic onlay or a direct resin restoration. He chose the direct restoration because of time and financial limitations.   Treatment Tooth No. 14 was anesthetized with articaine 4% with 1:100,000 epinephrine and a...

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Video Evaluation: GrandioSO Heavy Flow

Dr. Chris Salierno discusses the Product Evaluation of Grandioso by Voco America....

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GrandioSO Heavy Flow
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