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GROOVY Diamond Polishing Brushes from Clinician’s Choice are diamond-impregnated bristle brushes that create an ultra-high shine by polishing surface grooves and detailed anatomy. This technique is fast, efficient, and does not leave behind a flat surface that often occurs with disc finishing systems. GROOVY brushes work faster than silicone carbide brushes and provide a higher shine.




Avoid Impression Distortion and Costly Retakes

Trays that are made of metal don’t have this memory—their inherent stiffness prevents bending and they do...

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A High Luster Polish in Less Time

A.S.A.P. Polishers have addressed a longstanding challenge for many dentists, and that’s the efficient and effective polishing...

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Optimize Your Temporaries and Save Yourself From that Weekend Call

  Optimize Your Temporaries and Save Yourself From that Weekend Call ...

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very good
It does a very good job in a single step
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GROOVY Diamond
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