H254E/LE Bone Cutters

Product Description

Thanks to its special staggered toothing and blade geometry, Komet USA's new tungsten carbide bone cutter H254E allows for oral surgery to be carried out gently. The H254E is recommended for the minimally invasive preparation of bone tissue and hard-tooth substance.

The instruments prepare bone and hard-tooth substance in a tissue- friendly manner (ie- in case of an apical ectomy). The H254E is also used to separate the mechanical attachment of a tooth, which is planned to be extracted, in the alveolus or to split the bone in conjunction with the removal of an impacted tooth. The bone cutter is also available in the longer 5 mm version H254LE with a total length of 31 mm for the preparation of molars.

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H254E/LE Bone Cutters
Komet Usa
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