Harmony Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes

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Hu-Friedy’s Harmony Scalers and Curettes are designed with TrueFit Technology—an advanced sensor-based technology system that has measured over 2.5 million data points for pinch force in the finger and pressure applied to the tooth when scaling. As a result, Harmony instruments increase patient comfort and reduce hand and wrist fatigue because less pressure to the tooth is needed during scaling. An optimized shape with double helix grip reduces pinch force up to 65% compared to other leading scaler designs.


It’s no secret that most dental professionals experience fatigue, pain, and discomfort of the hand, wrist, or arm on a daily basis. But since the COVID pandemic surfaced, many dentists and hygienists have been forced to switch from power instruments to hand instruments, which often exacerbates any previous work-related discomfort from repetitive motion. Hoping to relieve fatigue and discomfort for clinicians, Hu-Friedy developed an innovative and ergonomic hand-scaling solution, the new Harmony Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes. Combining Hu-F...

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Extractions: Optimizing with the Proper Tools

Simple dental extraction typically involves the removal of a tooth or root fragments with elevation and forceps delivery. Here is a look at some of the forceps and elevators on the market today from a variety of manufacturers....

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Harmony Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes
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