HC Blocks/Discs and BurButler Abrasive Kits

Product Description
Shofu introduces HC Blocks/Discs—proprietary hybrid ceramic materials for CAD/CAM-based restorative dentistry with CEREC—and a collection of BurButler abrasive kits. HC Block/Discs are CAD/CAM composites with excellent physical and mechanical attributes. Available in multiple shades and translucencies, the optical properties of HC Blocks/Discs resemble the translucency and fluorescence of natural teeth, permitting the material to integrate with the surrounding tissue. The development of a universal bur holder, the BurButler, simplifies the storage and management of rotary instruments. This bur block is designed to hold abrasives of various shank sizes—CA, FG, HP, and short shanks—in one base made of medical-grade silicone, paired with an autoclavable plastic lid.




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HC Blocks/Discs and BurButler Abrasive Kits
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