HEATWAVE Customizable Impression Trays

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With HEATWAVE, the clinician can easily customize the thermoplastic tray by hand after immersing it in 158°F (70°C) water for 60 seconds. The HEATWAVE tray can then be hand-shaped and moulded by the dentist to a patient’s particular arch size and contour. After adaption, the tray will assume its normal rigidity at room temperature or by running it under cold water. The ability to adapt the HEATWAVE tray chairside provides a signifi cant advantage, specifi cally in cases where exostoses, tori, and malpositioned teeth are present and stock trays will not seat properly. Because HEATWAVE mouldable trays adapt to these bony anatomical variances, patient discomfort is minimized. Less impression material is required because HEATWAVE trays provide an anatomical fi t. Additionally, this precise fi t creates optimal dynamic pressure around the arch during insertion to greatly reduce the risk of impression distortion. HEATWAVE trays are available in 4 upper and 4 lower sizes and are designed to accommodate square, round, or gothic-shaped arches. The system includes a unique caliper measuring system that measures arch width, allowing for easy selection of the ideal-sized tray. —Bob Alaburda

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HEATWAVE Customizable Impression Trays
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