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Dentrix provides software solutions for greater productivity and profitability in your practice. That’s why more than 35,000 dental practices rely on Dentrix today.

• For greater practice productivity, Dentrix includes full-featured scheduling, charting, digital imaging integration, treatment planning, billing, reporting, integrated eServices, and other tools for a paperless practice.
• For greater business profitability, Dentrix includes financial analytics, accounting and billing tools, marketing and communications eServices, training seminars, user conferences, profitability coaching, mobile access tools and more.
• For continued growth and innovation, Dentrix Connected partners offer the latest in dental products and services – all tested and certified to run smoothly with your Dentrix system.
• For 25 years, Dentrix has been helping dentists improve patient care, increase team productivity and grow their practices. Only Dentrix offers hundreds of compatible solutions from our dental technology partners. And, Dentrix is backed by Henry Schein, the most respected solution provider to office-based healthcare practitioners worldwide.


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Case Study

Case Study

Full-Mouth Restoration

The patient, a 42-year old female, presented with a chief complaint of, "My teeth are too short and I do not like the way they look." The challenge in restoring a patient's bite lies in not only achieving the desired esthetics, but also the function of a proper bite. The ultimate goal: get the plane of occlusion in the proper position from all perspectives--horizontal, vertical, anterior/posterior, pitch, yaw, and roll. The key is to think like a pilot landing an airplane. The patient experienced frequent headaches, and an indication grinding and clinching habits was present. A comprehensive examination was...

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Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders

Dentrix Practice Management Software Improved Practice, Simplified Lives

Dentrix Practice Management Software A look at the Dentrix Dental Systems website gives you a glimpse of how Dentrix practice management software can save time and money by automating, streamlining, and simplifying everyday tasks. But it wasn't until about 4 years ago--when I inherited an older edition of the software from a practice I had purchased--that I truly grasped what Dentrix could do to increase our practice's productivity and optimize patient care. When I opened a new office, I purchased the latest edition (G4) with the intention of using it to its fullest potential...

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Rely on Dentrix from Henry Schein: Dr. Vasi Bazos

A comfortable patient experience can only take place in a comfortable environment. For Dr. Vasi Bazos and...

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Dentrix - Extend the Power of Dentrix Throughout Your Practice

Dentists already depend on Dentrix to make their practice more profitable and productive; now, they can turn...

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Dentrix - Thrive and Grow with Dentrix- Clinical Productivity and Efficiency

Dentrix has best-in-class clinical charting that drives clinical productivity and efficiency....

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Dentirx is the system for your office!
When I was hired as the office manager for this practice I had been employed as a hygienist for over 20 years and was familiar with only one dental software program. I was not familiar with Dentrix at all!! What a great system! I found it to be very user friendly and the support staff that I called on a regular basis for a couple of weeks allowed me to make a very smooth transition. After using the system for a couple of months I attended one of the workshops offered and was introduced to all the added features I had not discovered on my own. This system has everything you could want but if simple is what you are looking for it can accommodate your needs too. Call your Henry Schein rep and give it a try, you won't be disappointed!!
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