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Herculite XRV is a light-cured composite by Kerr that perfectly matches natural teeth through the use of Vita shade system. Herculite is a high quality formula that displays excellent long lasting esthetics and handing properties that enable automatic shaping without composite slumping. The General Syringe Kit contains: 1 Syringe (5g) each of Enamel A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B3, C2, C3, D2 and D3; 1 syringe (5g) each of Dentin A1, B1, C2 and D2; 1 syringe (2.5g) each of medium incisal and light incisal; 25 pouches of OptiBond Solo Plus (5g); 2 syringes Kerr Gel Etchant; 20 Gel Etchant syringe tips (disposable); 50 Kerr applicators (disposable) and 25 mixing wells (disposable).




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Herculite XRV time tested
I do a lot of CE and usually will try different products as long as they have the science behind them. I have seen composites come and go. Have liked some in certain situations and some "best thing since sliced bread" that I went back to remove at my own expense, because I disliked them so much. (It just dawned on me writing this that "best thing since sliced bread" has a completely different meaning now that I follow a Gluten free diet.) I have found that as new composites come and go, my reliable/fall back composite of choice is Herculite XRV.
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Herculite XRV
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