High Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench

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BIOMET 3i introduces the High Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench (H-TIRW), a unique high-torque ratchet wrench for surgical use. The H-TIRW is sleek and easy to use. It provides clinicians with an option they may not have had before; an inexpensive tool for instant, accurate, high torque indication during manual dental implant placement. The H-TIRW clearly indicates forward and reverse torque of 50 to 90Ncm without the need for additional components. The multifunctional H-TIRW is maintenance free and easy to separate and assemble.




Zimmer Biomet Launches 3i T3 Short Implant in U.S.

The Zimmer Biomet dental division announced the U.S. launch of its new 3i T3 Short Implants, manufactured by Biomet 3i. The company is also offering a comprehensive surgical kit designed specifically to support site preparation and placement of 3i T3 Short Implants, which have been commercially available in Europe and...

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Zimmer Biomet Institute Reopens NJ Dental Training Center

The dental division of the Zimmer Biomet Institute has reopened its training center in Parsippany, NJ. The 20,000-sq.-ft dental training center includes a simulation lab, cadaver lab, and lecture room, and provides scientific educational courses for dental clinicians from around the world who are interested in restorative, surgical, and regenerative procedures. ...

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High Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench
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