Hiossen One Guide Kit

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The OneGuide by Hiossen® Implant is a keyless guided surgery kit designed for optimal safety and simplicity. The kit improves implantologist chair time by streamlining drilling sequences down to two to three drills before placing the implant. For the patients, the shortened drilling sequence reduces the hard and soft tissue exposure to heat. The OneGuide stent side slot allows clinicians to place implants where the intermaxillary space is limited and provides a window for ample irrigation of the drill site.
Key components of the OneGuide Kit include:
• OneGuide Drill – Unique, triple-stage tip reduces heat generation and shortens drilling sequence.
• Simplified Kit Layout – Easy-to-follow drilling sequence; all color-coded.
• Flattening Drill – Designed with multiple cutting edges to flatten uneven ridges.
• Tissue Punch – Allows for flapless surgery.
Moreover, in addition to these components is the essential OneGuide stent, developed and printed by Hiossen Implant. Overall, the OneGuide Kit features multiple precise drilling tools and allows for more accurate, efficient, and safe surgery with minimal errors and predictable results.




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Hiossen One Guide Kit
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