Horizontal-Control Kit

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A horizontal bone spreading system that allows the predetermined and minimally invasive horizontal widening of the alveolar ridge in particular to the distal lower jaw. With the completely new horizontal distractor the alveolar ridge can be widened simply and quickly up to 5 mm. Subsequently, an implant of all current systems can still be used during the mineralization phase in the widened segment from which the osseointegration, due to a highly potent body growth factor of the existing callus, is clearly accelerated. An axial angle adjustment system that with its completely new and unique instruments, allows simple and minimally invasive ridge widening especially of the mandible. This is achieved because of an angle modulation of the implant axis given by the actual bone supply by erecting and displacement of the cortical plate, at the same time condensing the bone structure. In this way, the mandible can be optimally prepared for the use of all current implant systems. For special cases, Horizontal-Control is ideal in combination with the bone-spreading instruments from the Split-Control System. Is the ideal complement to the trephine drills. Before the trephine drills are used, these biopsy punches will remove the tissue precisely and easily. In most cases, the tissue may be removed and replaced at the conclusion of the procedure. During bone spreading or splitting operations, diamond-coated saws of different diameters are required. This kit provides the medical practitioner with the ideal choice of sizes.




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Horizontal-Control Kit
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