Hygovac Bio

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Product Description

The Hygovac Bio aspirator tube is made of 100% biobased polyethylene made entirely from sugarcane. Unlike traditional polyethylene, where raw fossil materials such as oil and natural gas are used, sugarcanes are completely renewable.

Hygovac Bio is available in 2 sizes, providing an opportunity to broaden the application of use. The aspirator tube has the same diameter and provides the same suction as previous Hygovac products, but the shorter version is 95 mm and provides the option to choose the right length for each specific treatment. It is ideal for hygienists and offers easier access when working without assistance.


DIRECTA DENTAL Hygovac Bio by Orsing Made of 100% biobased polyethylene, this high-performance aspirator tube is ergonomic and eco-friendly I liked the shorter suction since I could maneuver it easier without wrist pain. Patricia Brune, RDH Kansas City, MO With patients who have a hard time breathing through their noses and choke easily on water, [Hygovac Bio] is a lifesaver. Sean Yudith Alcaraz, RDH Houston, TX For a nonbonded all-ceramic crown such as zirconia, thi...

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Hygovac Bio
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