i-CAT Precise

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Precision Radiography

The i-CAT Precise by ISI

The fully integrated Tx STUDIO makes the i-CAT Precise easy to use and gives the dentist complete clinical and dose control over the procedure.

Imaging Sciences International offers the i-CAT Precise, a CBCT system that delivers comprehensive treatment tools for implant therapy, fast radiographic workflow, and clinical control over image size and dose.

The i-CAT Precise provides the clinician with consistently excellent image quality, delivered through proprietary tools that create high definition, low-dose scans quickly and easily for every procedure. The system, with scans of 8 cm and 14 cm in diameter and up to 8 cm in height, is well-suited for implants and restoration planning and oral surgery procedures.

Additionally, the i-CAT Precise is the only cone beam 3D that affords total control of all aspects of treatment'implant, abutment, and restoration. This comprehensive system allows the clinician to guide each case efficiently, from plan to completion, with enhanced surgical predictability. As the only software to be integrated with a CBCT system that does everything from diagnostics to implant and orthodontic treatment planning, Tx STUDIO on i-CAT Precise is an excellent imaging solution for general dentists and specialists who place and restore implants.     'Bob Alaburda

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i-CAT Precise
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