I-Micro Implant

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OCO developed the I-Micro because of “overwhelming customer demand” for a dental implant smaller than the 3.0-mm I-Mini. The IMicro is solidly machined at OCO Biomedical with grade 5 titanium, and the threads are fi nished with the manufacturer’s proprietary surface treatment. In addition, the I-Micro uses the same wrenches and drivers as other implants, but offers a more aggressive thread pattern for added stability. This means minimal investment in new instruments for the practice and easier inventory tracking. The I-Micro analog has both a crown and bridge head and o-ball head (on the same analog), which not only simplifies the overall restoration process, but also reduces costs to the dentist and streamlines inventory tracking. In an even further effort to ease the placement process, the manufacturer designed the I-Micro o-ball to be used with either a 002 or 003 size cap and o-ring. —Bob Alaburda

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I-Micro Implant
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