iBOND Total Etch

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iBOND Total Etch is an Etch & Rinse 2-step bonding system that achieves high bond strengths to enamel and dentin, but also guarantees excellent marginal adaptation. This system is easy-to-use with just one-coat application and air drying. It provides bonding of direct composite restorations as well as bonding of indirect restorations in combination with light-curing luting cements. It is optimized with nano-filler to increase intrinsic strength, while providing a dense adhesive layer and good tag formation that leads to improved marginal sealing. This is an ideal product for desensitizing hypersensitive tooth areas. The Single Dose Assortment contains: 50 (0.15 ml) single doses, 50 applications tips, 2 (2.5 ml) iBOND Etch, 35 syringes, and 25 cannulas.

The iBond brand stands for high, reliable bond strength and is clinically proven to provide consistent results. iBond offers convenient handling and quick, easy application as well as a demonstrated reduction in postoperative sensitivity. 

Due to the innovative nano-filler technology, iBond Total Etch attains high bond strength to both enamel and dentin while ensuring optimal marginal sealing. iBond Total Etch delivers:
• Clinically proven to provide reliable and consistent bond strength
• Dense adhesive layer and good tag formation: leads to improved marginal sealing
• Only one coat required, with no agitation
• Demonstrates reduction in postop sensitivity
• Refrigeration not required




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iBOND Total Etch
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