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Lightweight and cordless, the light features 3 preprogrammed working modes and a slim body that encases cool, silent operation to enhance user and patient comfort. Its supercapacity lithium-ion battery will last for hours before recharging.




Tools of the Composite Trade

Tedious. Time-consuming. Exacting. These terms and many others are familiar when describing the process of placing direct composite restorations. Success with composites is equally dependent on 3 elements: material, instrumentation, and technique. Proper isolation, appropriate preparation burs, matrix systems, placement instruments, curing lights, ?nishers, and polishers must be part of your armamentarium to ensure good clinical outcomes with direct restorations.   This is not only a clinical issue. It affects productivity and, in turn, pro?tability. Considering overhead costs along with third-party reimbursement rates, you need the latest tools to help place composites as quickly and as simply as...

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Great curing light
This is inexpensive and works great. My staff loves using it and the composite magically hardens when I use this to illuminate it. Highly recommend you try the composite magic trick with this one
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iCure LED
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