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Kettenbach USA Identium Impression Material Identium impression material combines the best features of both A-silicone and polyether materials. Great product detail. We were able to achieve detailed impressions very easily,” said a dentist from Johnstown, CO, with 9 years of experience. Another dentist said, “I’m quite impressed with this product and truly enjoyed using it.” Kettenbach’s Identium was developed for the 1-step impression technique and combines the advantages of conventional polyether materials with those of A-silicones. Ten dentist evaluators participated in Dental Product Shopper’s evaluation of Identium, rating several features, including ease of use, flowability, margin detail, and ease of removal, and overall satisfaction with the product.




Kettenbach Breathes Easier after Airway Metrics Acquisition

Kettenbach is now breathing a bit easier. The company’s acquisition of Airway Metrics, previously announced in January,...

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Kettenbach Can Help You Stay CE Current

Every area of health care continues to move forward at a dizzying pace, and dentistry is no...

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Why I Use Kettenbach Impression Materials

While we’re moving towards a digital environment, I am of the belief that we will always live...

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Press Release

Press Release

New Chemistry Developed for the One-Step Impression Technique

Kettenbach LP has introduced an impression material that combines the best features of both A-silicone and polyether materials, now in 1:1 cartridges.  In addition to Light Body, Identium in cartridges is now available in Medium and Heavy viscosities, in both regular and fast set. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT  ...

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Easy to use Heavy Body!
I have been using Kettenbach since the Chicago Midwest Dental meeting 2012. I have used their heavy, medium and light body poly-ethers ever since my local lab said it is best in a climate with wide temperature ranges (the midwest). I make a lot of partials and complete dentures for nursing home patients and have been using the heavy body for the custom tray impressions for its incredible definition and accuracy, as well as ease of use. I have been using the medium and light body for my crowns, which has reduced my number of returns. Their customer service needs a little help, but I will continue to use this product.
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