iMask™ Premium Face Mask

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The iMask™ ASTM Level 2 premium face masks are perfect for any exam or procedure involving moderate to heavy levels of spray, splatter, and aerosols. Made from high quality non-woven fabric, the outer layer offers maximum protection against fluid resistance while the inner layer is designed to be soft and gentle on the skin. Full length earloops ensure a secure but comfortable fit with no pulling, and the enclosed nose strip is adjustable to form the strongest seal in every fitting. iMask™ has been rigorously tested and meets ASTM Level 2 standards for filtration and breathability. Bacterial and particle filtration efficiency have been clinically proven to exceed 98%.

•Full length earloops and adjustable nose piece allow a tight but comfortable fit
•Meets ASTM F 1862 requirements for fluidresistance
•Meets ASTM F2101-01 and ASTM F2299 requirements for viral/ bacterial filtration performance
•Meets ISO-10993-1 requirements for biocompatibility

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iMask™ Premium Face Mask
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