Impregum Soft Polyether

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Product Description
3M’s Impregum Soft Polyether impression material captures excellent detail with ideal hydrophilicity, excellent flow properties, forgiving “snap-set” behavior, and less rigidity for easier removal. These properties allow dentists to make highly accurate impressions in even the most challenging situations.


Impregum Soft polyether material still captures more detail than any VPS, and is now available in the most common handgun delivery system. According to 3M , Impregum Soft impression material captures more detail than any vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) material. Their proof: with better initial hydrophilicity, excellent flow properties, more forgiving “snap-set” behavior, and less rigidity for easier removal, Impregum Soft helps dentists make more accurate impressions—even in the most challenging conditions. Impregum ...

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Customer Reviews

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Making a Good Impression
I love Impregum because of it's ease of use and accuracy. I definitely would recommend this product.
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Versatile material
I use this material for almost all my fixed and removable prosthetic impressions, both with stock and custom trays. The only drawback is the typical polyether taste.
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Impregum Soft
This is an excellent material. It can be very difficult to remove from the mouth but it is very accurate. We use it for partials, full dentures and crowns when the margin is well below the gum line. It sets fast and the cleanup is minimal.
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Great quality horrible taste
This impression material is very accurate and good quality. Very happy with set up time although could be a little fast. Taste of product is horrible patients always say it tastes foul.
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Impregum Soft Polyether
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