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Accessory Instrument Cassette from Premier Dental is the ideal tool for storing and cleaning your instruments. The accessory cassette is designed with apertures in the side walls, lid and bottom that allow for cleaning solution to be thoroughly rinsed out. The double-stack formation holds even more of your instruments during cleaning, storing or autoclaving. The Accessory Cassette is made from high quality stainless steel and is a tool that offers excellent reliability. The Cassette is available in a variety of sizes to best fit your needs: The Mark I measures 2-1/2” length x 8-1/2”width x 1-1/2”height, fits about 4-8 instruments and is great for prophy or exam setups. The Mark VI measures 4-1/2” length x 8”width x 1-1/4” height, fits about 8-16 instruments and is ideal for most operative procedures. The Mark IV measures 8”length x 11” width x 1-1/2” height, fits about 12-24 instruments and is great as an accessory compartment for loose items. The Accessory Cassette measures 1-1/2” length x 3-1/2” width x 1” height and holds handpiece, head or bur blocks.




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Instrument Cassettes
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