Integrity ProphyGiene II

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The Integrity ProphyGiene II is one of the lightest prophy handpieces available at 2.1 oz with friction grip chucking and a 360° swivel for excellent maneuverability.

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Integrity ProphyGiene II One Star Rating and Company has no Integrity !!!
My problem is with the Integrity II ProphyGiene Slow Speed Handpiece an the Integrity II ProhyGiene Company. I purchased 15 of them in September 2016,. Two ProphyGiene nose cones were made of defective metal. The base of the nose cone attachment seemed like the metal was "bubbling" and flaking away. Osseo-Scientific blamed it on my Dental Hygienists using "Milk Disinfectant". We Autoclave according to CDC and Manufacturers recommendations. Beware of Integrity ProphyGiene II nose cones.
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Integrity ProphyGiene II
Osseo Scientific, Llc
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