INTRAmatic E Series Air Motor Low Speed Handpieces

Product Description
The KaVo INTRAmatic E series features a firm grip and quiet operation for an air motor low-speed handpiece. The 100-degree head angle allows more space and room to work. It also offers balanced handling and an ideal grip. All INTRAmatic E series instruments have a long service life and are extremely reliable because of their premium quality materials and low process tolerances.

The following handpieces are part of the INTRAmatic E series: 1:1 Contra-angle handpiece (20 E), 4:1 Red prophy handpiece (31 E), 4:1 Red contra-angle handpiece (14 E), 1:1 Handpiece (10 E), 4:1 Hygiene Handpiece (19 E), and 1:1 Low Speed Handpiece (80 E).




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INTRAmatic E Series Air Motor Low Speed Handpieces
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