Intraoral Repair Kit

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BISCO’s Intraoral Repair Kit provides all the materials necessary to repair broken or damaged intraoral restorations. When the operative site is properly prepared, an esthetic and durable repair can be successfully achieved using a resin composite material.

The Intraoral Repair Kit is indicated for use in the repair of porcelain and lithium disilicate restorations, porcelain-fused-to-metal or zirconia/alumina restorations, and direct or indirect composite restorations. The kit includes BISCO’s Z-PRIME Plus, Porcelain Primer, Porcelain Bonding Resin, Dual-Cured Opaquer, Porcelain Etchant, and Barrier Gel.

Z-PRIME Plus provides a high bond strength to zirconia and alumina metal oxide ceramics as well as other types of metals/alloys and composites. The Porcelain Primer silane coupling agent improves the adhesion to porcelain and enhances the long-term durability of the repair. When placed in a thin layer on the restoration, the Porcelain Bonding Resin will enhance the bond of the restoration while acting as a wetting resin to allow the composite to spread evenly over the entire surface. The dual-cured Opaquer effectively masks exposed metal. The Porcelain Etchant (9.5% HF) ensures a long-lasting repair, and the Barrier Gel protects areas where etching is not desired.




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Intraoral Repair Kit
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