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In 17 years, over 33 million restorations have been placed, testifying to the long-term success of IPS Empress.

The IPS Empress Esthetic system has established a firm foothold in the consciousness of dentistry as one of the most consistently beautiful materials available.

If there is one thing you can count on in dentistry it's that manufacturers will always be introducing new restorative products, and allceramics are no exception. It is difficult for dentists to rely on products when trusted product lines are changed and replaced over time.

One of the exceptions to this rule is IPS Empress from Ivoclar Vivident. Introduced over 15 years ago as one of the first pressable ceramics, IPS Empress has grown its product offering to meet the changing needs of dentistry, but has not deviated from its original charter to offer greater esthetic control to both dentists and laboratory technicians alike.

Material of Choice

When IPS Empress was first introduced in 1991, all-ceramic restorations were still untested in dentistry. The esthetic advantages of using a nonmetallic core material in place of alloy were clear; however, dentists can be slow to fully adopt new technologies. It was difficult for the dental marketplace to accept the concept that all-ceramics could provide the structure and integrity needed to withstand the forces generated in the mouth. Previous attempts to improve the esthetics of porcelainfused- to-metal restorations with porcelain jacket crowns met with mixed results because of the weaker materials available at that time and the luting materials being used. Today, there is no question that all-ceramics are the material of choice for any restoration where esthetics is paramount and certainly for any anterior applications.
IPS Empress has offered dentists and technicians reliable performance and beautiful, vital restorations that resulted in more than 33 million IPS Empress restorations being placed to date. When a material meets the critical eye of both the dentist and the lab technician and leaves patients smiling, it can be hard to justify using anything else. The IPS Empress Esthetic system has established a firm foothold in the consciousness of dentistry as one of the most consistently beautiful materials available, and many lab technicians have become highly proficient with it to match the demands of even the most complicated esthetic cases.

Achieving the Final Shade'Reliably

With IPS Empress there are a number of ways the final desired shade can be achieved, and achieved reliably. Shade is influenced by the remaining prepped dentition, the ingot for the pressed core, veneering porcelain, stains and glazes as well as by the shade of chosen cement. For the optimal result, Ivoclar Vivadent has put together a true system for IPS Empress that ensures success both clinically and esthetically. IPS Empress ingots (leucite-reinforced glass ceramic with maximum homogeneity), the literal core of the system, provide a flexural strength of 160 MPa with a high level of accuracy during fabrication. Available in 7 opacities and 12 shades, IPS Empress ingots provide versatility to match the challenges of virtually any esthetic case whether a dentist is trying to match the glassy look of older dentition, creating a perfect match for highly characterized teeth, or trying to create the brightest and whitest smile available. The selection in opacity alone gives the dentist control over how much influence natural dentition will have over the final outcome of the case, which is critical when dealing with the ever-increasing demand of a more discerning patient base.

CAD/CAM Versatility

The most recent addition to IPS Empress is the line of CAD/CAM blocks. While the esthetic results are virtually identical, IPS Empress CAD blocks follow a different shade concept than the ingots. Two levels of opacity, High Translucency and Low Translucency, along with a multilayered line of blocks were designed to accommodate the demands of CAD/CAM technology. Twelve High Translucency shades, 16 Low Translucency shades, and 5 shades of CAD Multi provide the necessary versatility for shade matching and esthetics for this fabrication technique. The advantage that IPS Empress CAD provides is the ability for dentists to use IPS Empress chairside in their CEREC machines and the opportunity for dental labs to choose their fabrication method for IPS Empress cores. After the fabrication of the core, whether by pressed ingots or machined CAD blocks, the restoration can then be either stained and glazed or cut back and layered with veneering porcelain to match the final shade. A full line of IPS Empress Universal Shades/Stains and Esthetic Veneer layering ceramic provide the laboratory technician with the ability to create beautifully simple or elaborately intricate results with a predictable outcome.

Reliability in the Lab

On the laboratory side, the IPS Empress Esthetic System provides all of the materials and accessories necessary for the dental technician to fabricate IPS Empress Esthetic all-ceramic restorations. The system includes shaded die material to more closely match the stump shade and aid the technician with visualizing the final esthetic result and also includes all of the pressing accessories and finishing materials. The IPS Empress Esthetic System has been designed to ensure reliable results for performance and fit as well as to provide accurate, vital, and beautiful restorations.

Control and Confidence

Regardless of the esthetic demands and clinical conditions of the single unit case, the IPS Empress Esthetic system puts the control of the outcome in the hands of the dentist. Whether the restoration is fabricated chairside or by the dental laboratory, the dentist and the patient can be confident that the final restoration will look vital and will blend with natural dentition for a result that will deliver smiles for both. 'Jackie Syrop




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