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The product features 32 shades and 5 levels of translucency. Ideal for a wide range of indications for anterior and posterior teeth, IPS Empress Direct features excellent polishing properties, high insensitivity to light, good radiopacity, high surface gloss, and is autoclavable.

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Very high level of esthetic quality,long lasting filling
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Empress direct
The shade on the syringe matches the Vita shade guide very, very well. It handles very nice and shines up well also
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IPS Empress Direct -- Be patient!
This nanohybrid composite system is the best I've used from a strictly esthetic standpoint. Both dentin and enamel shades match the shade guide extremely well. Great variety of enamel "effect" shades. Works essentially like its 4 Seasons predecessor, but more highly polishable and, being a nano, more wear resistant. I also use it for the enamel layer of posterior composites. Its downside is difficulty in handling. It's extremely stiff, a little difficult to get into a putty matrix, and takes a long time to shape, even when using a wetting resin on the instrument. However, the results are worth the extra time for me.
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Empress Direct
The material has the best tooth matching ability for an anterior composite I have ever used. It also matches to empress and emax to the point you cannot tell where it starts and stops. Shade selection easy and good. Has body, incisal and a great opal translucent top shade. It holds the form as you place it and doesn't slump much. Handles extermely well.
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IPS Empress Direct
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