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iris 5% sodium fluoride varnish from Benco is an in-office topical fluoride treatment that blends to a natural white tooth color. iris varnish delivers up to 8 hours of fluoride release for advanced fluoride uptake. Iris varnish is packaged in convenient single-patient doses and is available in boxes of 30 and 200.




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Iris varnish
Iris varnish packaging is great, the applicator is Wirth the fluoride, adheres great to v the tooth even when surface is not completely dry. The taste seem to change sometime by lot numbers. But for the most part patients tolerate as much as they so with any varnish. Great pricing on the product.
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IRIS Varnish Fluoride
Thin, transparent and great tasting. Patients seem to like it. Easy delivery system, very pleased with the packaging. Good Pricing.
from San Luis, Arizona,  
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Does Iris fluoride varnish contain gluten ?


Hello, The iris brand 5% NaF Varnish White to Clear from Benco is gluten free. You can read about this product here:

By Frank Delvalle On Jan 23, 2019

iris Varnish
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