iso-active Foaming Gel

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iso-active has a revolutionary delivery system that disperses active ingredients quickly, penetrating hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Generating twice the foam volume as ordinary toothpaste, iso-active spreads active ingredients around the mouth, reaching the surfaces between the teeth to provide a whole mouth clean. New iso-active is available in both Aquafresh and Sensodyne products.

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Taste makes it hard to use
I was excited when I saw this new form of Sensodyne to try and hoped that the iso active feature might help to distract from the taste of the paste formula. I did like the iso active foam and felt like it was reaching into inter proximal areas, I still was not happy with the bitter taste that I have grown to find in all of the sensodyne brands of toothpaste. I know that other people don't find it distasteful so I am only speaking for myself and a few other people who have mentioned that they also don't like the taste. I did not use the toothpaste long enough to know if it provided any more sensitivity relief. It just wasn't worth tasting that flavor over and over again.
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iso-active Foaming Gel
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