ISOLITE 3 Illuminated Dental Isolation System

Product Description

This is the high-performance isolation solution you’ve been waiting for. The Isolite 3 allows you to quickly and easily implement a standard isolation protocol for consistent treatment outcomes. Achieve optimal visibility, moisture control, improved efficiency and consistent results, while providing patient comfort and safety.

The Isolite 3 features an integrated, long-lasting LED that provides both white and a true amber light. The non-curing amber light provides illumination for maximum visibility when placing light-sensitive materials including resins, composites and adhesives.

Work effortlessly in two quadrants at one time
Simultaneously isolate maxillary and mandibular quadrants. Fine-tune suction per quadrant for increased control of the treatment area.

Easy Integration
Our systems easily integrate into every operatory, including hygiene. It’s like having an assistant for your assistant and dental hygienist.

Accessories Included: Six vacuum light pipes, cleaning brush, cleaning tip, direct-to-chair connection cable, accessory connector, O-ring lubricant, power adapter

- 10,000-hour, 90 lumen LED with three intensity levels
- True amber light cure-safe mode
- Dual quadrant hands-free suction
- Biocompatible LiquidMetal™
- Integrated 60-inch power/vacuum hose




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ISOLITE 3 Illuminated Dental Isolation System
Zyris, Inc. (formerly Isolite Systems)
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