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With Kulzer’s Ivory ReLeaf, an HVE suction device that connects to existing dental vacuum systems, hygienists can obtain suction and retraction with hands-free efficiency to maintain a dry field during various dental and hygiene procedures.

Allowing work in all 4 quadrants with ergonomic comfort and full view of the oral cavity, Ivory ReLeaf offers significant time savings, which translates to hundreds of dollars worth of production throughout the day.

“Ivory ReLeaf reduces chair time by allowing the clinician to work more efficiently without the distraction of another device requiring their attention. With up to 15 minutes of time savings per patient, they can spend time on other aspects of dental treatment,” said Obie Clifford, Product Manager.

ReLeaf’s custom-blend latex and BPA-free polymer make it soft and comfortable in patients’ mouths while allowing for effortless movement and communication without affecting suction. The patient also can easily control fluid buildup and removal, minimizing the risk of choking and gagging.

“ReLeaf’s hands-free suction gives the hygienist or dentist an extra hand, and allows them to better focus without having to multitask and maneuver the suction around. It’s also comfortable for the patient and gives them total control,” Clifford added.




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Ivory ReLeaf
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