K-Stones Diamond Abrasives

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K-Stones multi-purpose diamond grinders from KOMET USA are a versatile, economic option for dental laboratories. Offering a wide range of applications, the self-sharpening, resin-bonded grinders are interspersed with diamond grains. K-Stones are suitable for use on ceramic-fused-to-metal alloys, hard CrCoMo and titanium alloys as well as veneers and ultra-hard zirconium oxide ceramics.

With a highly abrasive diamond grit design, the grinders generate very little heat and produce smooth surfaces. This optimal surface quality conserves time during retouching and polishing procedures. In addition, K-Stones do not leave black marks on ceramics, and they offer a long service life as well as dimensional stability. They are available in a range of shapes, grits, and size.

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K-Stones Diamond Abrasives
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