K3™ Unit Chair

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Optimized for the dental operatory and thoughtfully designed with the full dental team in mind, the K3 unit chair inspires confident and precise treatment, ergonomic patient positioning, and keeps everything the practitioner needs within easy reach. The K3 unit chair’s advanced technology improves the precision of the procedure for the dentist, and the assistant will appreciate the efficient and simple use of space. This comfortable and ergonomic dental patient chair puts patients at ease during their procedure, while smart technology ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for the dentist and assistant.The doctor’s table is equipped with a 4.3" full-color LCD display panel that provides all the information needed at a glance. The various additional functions for the water-irrigating handpiece, lamp switch, RPM setting, and timer allow the operations to be done in a more stabilized, careful manner.  This ergonomic dental patient chair is designed to provide the most efficient arrangement for consumable and operating tools on the table. The swivel side table can enhance convenience during treatment without disrupting procedural workflow while working on the patient.




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Best Chair for a great price
Great price, Great product Highly recommend
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K3™ Unit Chair
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