KDZ Zirconia

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By using 2 of the most accurate scanners in the industry, Katana (Noritake of Japan) and Hintel (Germany), Keating Dental Arts is able to fabricate long span bridges in shaded zirconia. KDZ frames are constructed of medically pure Zirconia, which is isostatically pressed in Germany. Esthetically, KDZ Zirconia’s all-ceramic metalfree design creates no gingival graying and blends naturally with gum tissue. KDZ is available in 6 shades and, when combined with hand layered porcelain, comes to life with an unmatched vibrancy. Using inhouse, open-architecture scanning and milling systems, Keating Dental Arts is able to provide rapid turn-around times. KDZ crowns take just 3 days from the receipt of an impression to the production of a final, full contour KDZ crown or bridge. KDZ Zirconia provides the simplicity of conventional cementation with an average marginal gap of just 10 ?m. With the strength to create full arch bridges, KDZ Zirconia makes a beautiful and wise choice. —Jason Schwartz

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KDZ Zirconia
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