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KIMBERLY-CLARK LAVENDER Nitrile Exam Gloves provide excellent barrier and they are more comfort than vinyl, while avoiding the problem of latex allergy, all at an affordable price.

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Lavender Nitrile Exam Gloves
The gloves fit well and do not rip when putting them on. The lavender color is pleasant. Our patients feel secure that we and they are protected.
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Slides in smooth
powder-free, easy to take off and put on, occasionally fingertip rips
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Snug fitting gloves
I like snug fitting gloves, but since they lack powder, I find them difficult to get on. Tactile sense is good.
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Great product
Flexible, comfortable, consistent quality
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Kimberly Clark Nitrile Exam Gloves
Kimberly Clark has the best glove. The tactile sensitivity is excellent. As a dental hygienist, I have tried a lot of different exam gloves and the Kimberly Clark has the best fit and I would rather used them exclusively.
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very comfortable nitile gloves
these nitrile gloves are very thin and flexible...they almost feel like you are using a latex glove.
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great texture and thickness
It is difficult to find a nitrile glove that doesn't feel too thick. This has the perfect thickness and a great texture.
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Nitrile gloves
Fits nicely, soft, comfortable, fingertip touch and light weight. Would recommend very nice. This product does not tear like many other brands, which are of this weight. No bunching up at the finger tip. Very true to size! Just comfort!
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Great Gloves
I was aprehensive when our office switched to these gloves, since I was totally happy with the gloves we had been using for years. Much to my surprise, I like these just as much. They fit really well and are very comfortable. My hands don't sweat, as they do in some gloves,the weight is also perfect and I love the color.
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k-c, nitrile gloves
I, m a 14 year dental hygienist/assistant who has worked in big corporate dental offices to private general dentistry offices. I have used and very please to report to others that these are worry free gloves..reliable and made good. Teresa RDH
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Tried a sample once, it was ok, but I think I remember it being a bit pricey.
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I was on a search for new gloves and had tested numerous styles and brands until I tried Kimberly-Clark Lavender Nitrile exam gloves. The dental assistant picked this from the catalog for me to try. When the order arrived and I tested the gloves, the fit was perfect. It is flexible and comfortable, not thin or thick so I still have tactile sensation and feel confident their is a protective barrier. It does not tear or rip when placing on or removing. Patients have commented on the "pretty color", I like the color too. My search is over … these were a great find!
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